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"Join my team as an affiliate partner and start making money right away. It doesn't cost you anything to try, but it costs everything to do nothing."




Are you looking for a side-gig or part-time job that can bring extra money every month, while working at your current job?

I am hiring affiliates to enroll new clients in our amazing credit restoration program. I can pay you $50 every time you enroll a new client in our credit restoration program.

There is no cut-off. Your earning potential is unlimited. There is no cost to join my team.

Example of what your paycheck could look like each week:

Enroll 4 clients and receive $200
Enroll 8 clients and receive $400
Enroll 10 clients and receive $500
Enroll 12 clients and receive $600
Enroll 15 clients and receive $750
Enroll 20 clients and receive $1000
and just continues...

I can pay you through Cash App, through PayPal, or whatever is the easiest for you.

Whether you are working for a car dealership, a real estate company, a car rental agency, a bank loan agent, or an apartment leasing agent; this company can offer you another income source.

There is so much joy and satisfaction that comes with helping others to improve their lives and financial future. You will be the one to hear so many testimonies of lives changed, because you took a little bit more time to try to help your clients.

Our Credit Restoration Services

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It's FREE to JOIN our TEAM & Make Money!!!

Real People, Real Stories, & Great Testimonies

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Why You Should Enroll in FES/UWE?

We have over 16 years experience in Credit Restoration Services. We have helped thousands of clients to boost their credit scores, build their financial portfolio, budget their finances, identify identity theft, and have confidence in their financial future. FES/UWE combines it's services with UCES to serve you with excellence.

We are known as one of the BEST credit restoration services companies in the United States. Our services are affordable and we offer much more than most other credit restoration companies.

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An Inside Look at our Credit Restoration Back Office

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How Much Does Our Program Cost?

The cost of our Credit Restoration Program is very affordable compared to other companies. And if you enroll 5 other people in our program, your services will be FREE.



You will be given unlimited access to all the services included in your credit restoration package. You will be involved in the credit restoration process, receiving weekly updates, and have regular access to your credit score updates.



Your expertise, your professionalism, your work environment, your positive attitude, and your passion for serving people is what we are looking for.

You deal with clients at work all day long that you desperately want to help, but are unable to offer them any services or products, because their credit score is too low. You can't risk giving them a car, an apartment, a loan, or a home, so they are often turned away with no hope, no help, and discouraged. Without doing it intentionally, you could have lost the opportunity to retain them as a client in the future.

But what if you could offer them an opportunity to become a client of one of the top credit restoration companies in the country?

What if you could enroll them in a credit restoration program that is proven to increase credit scores and has a long-standing record of customer satisfaction?

Then after a few months, you can reconnect with them and offer them your services again.

This is a win-win situation for you and for the company that currently employs you. You will be able to retain more clients for future purchases at your own place of business, as well as help them reach their financial goals, and have another source of income. It is FREE to join. You can cancel anytime. And the best thing about being an affiliate, you can start making money right away.

Affiliate Enrollment Form

It's FREE to JOIN our TEAM & Make Money!!!