Is This Your Client?

  1. He/she is a high school senior. He/she plans to go to college but cannot decide  what his/her major will be.
  2. He/she wants to be a musician, but your client parent want him/her to be a teacher.
  3. He/she cannot decide what he/she really wants to be and do.
  4. He/she is confused and frustrated. He/she doesn’t know how to choose a college major or trade and career.


If Your client is in One or More of The Above Situations, "Planning Today for Success Tomorrow" was written for them. They are not alone, and you are not alone either. We provide career guidance train-the-trainer and other resources for organizations serving families


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Do You Know That  More than 97% of High School Students Don't Have Clear Goals for Life After High School?

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Local Communities and World Where People are Living Their Dreams Serving Others and Making the Local Communities and World  Better! An Academy for Career Guidance, Family Entrepreneurship, and Community/Career Development serving underserved families in local and nationwide communities! Partnering with parents, families, schools, churches, nonprofit organizations, and businesses for students’ success! Goal: 1 million families!


Community and career development--My life purpose is to help other people find theirs. Helping underserved families with K-12 children and adults struggling with indecision about life, school, work, and how to choose a college or trade school major and career. Helping them set clear goals and create plans for success after high school and later in life. Goal: 1 million families!