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About Dr. Moses McCutcheon, Jr.
Founder of School To Success


Moses McCutcheon, Jr., Ed.D. is one of the most innovative minds in education today. He uses innovative techniques to achieve the right education results. He is a career education research analyst, business  career coach, and education advisor expert with a Doctor of Education  Degree in Organizational Leadership and a Master’s Degree in Education Administration from Pepperdine University. Moses is an  advocate for career guidance, family entrepreneurship, and community development and serves as an Adjunct Full Professor of Strategic  Management at Webster University. He is a retired military officer with more than 30 years of experience  as an educator, trainer, and speaker specializing in career guidance,  emphasizing the discovery of life’s purpose related to work, personal transformation, and personal development. 

He has decades of experience teaching undergraduate and graduate students as a college/university  professor. Moses is the author of “School To Success,” a community and career development holistic,  total education life and career guidance training system tool designed for sustainment of the School-to work/school-to-career training platforms with the goal of blessing his family and other families in local and nationwide communities. His life purpose is to help other people find theirs. 

His training systems help to prepare students (youth and adults) for college. trade school, or specialty school, and give them career guidance, coaching, and goal setting strategies for success in life and work.

He conducts career guidance education and training  for underserved families with K-12 children. He is the founder, master trainer, and  CEO of the School To Success Training System LLC and School To Success Academy for Career  Guidance, Family Entrepreneurship, and Community Development. Moses is on a mission to help  underserved families and adults struggling with indecision about life, school, work, and how to choose a college or trade school major and career. He was one of them and wants to help all  students with this issue. 

Planning Today For Success Tomorrow


Set up your own school-to-success program in your home, in school, or in your organization... Call it what you want!

What Will You Do After High School and later in YOUR Life? If you don’t know, this book can help! This life and career guide teaches students how to decide what they really want! Knowing what you want is the first principle of success! STUDENTS: Turn Your Life Purpose, Your Desires, Interests, Talents, Passions, and Special Abilities into a Career! RESEARCH FACTS: More than 50% of all high school seniors don’t know what they want to be or do after graduation. An effective career-development program enables students to plan for future success. Career-development training saves time and money. The earlier career development training begins the better. Career planning should start with family planning. Planning Today for Success Tomorrow was written to help parents and schools with middle and high school students make the transition from school to a successful life. Moses McCutcheon, Jr., Ed.D. has received many awards for his School-To-Success work. With a Doctor of Education Degree in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University and more than 30 years of experience as an educator, trainer, and personnel-management analyst, Dr. McCutcheon is a Certified Life and Career Guidance Coach/Consultant and Certified Motivational Seminar Leader. PLANNING TODAY FOR SUCCESS TOMORROW was written for parents and others to help students to plan for a successful life.

The School To Success Difference

Discover Your Genius!

“Connect Your Life Purpose to Your Career for Great Success”


  1. The first and ONLY Academy of its kind for career guidance education/training!
  2. We meet students (youth and adults) where they are!

  3. We teach students how to choose a college or trade school major and career!

  4. We start working with students in middle school, follow them through high school, college, into adult life and beyond . . . we stay with students for life!

  5. We specialize in career guidance education and training!

  6. We connect life purpose to career choice for great success after graduation!

  7. We help students make the connection between school and a career choice!

  8. We help people be happy at work!

  9. We don’t stop until we get results; we increase students motivation to learn!

  10. We make organizations look different when we collaborate with them!

  11. Career guidance for the home, school, organization, and business!

  12. Ongoing real life case study research and product development for good in the community!

  13. We focus on the missing pieces in education!

  14. We teach students how to discover and use their life purpose as a tool to choose a college major or trade and career!

  15. We make every class count with focus on community and career development.

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