This is where you can bring direction to your child’s future!
We offer you an opportunity to assist your children in discovering what they want to learn and why. The process of discovering and getting excited about education and learning start at a young age.
We start working with students in middle school and follow them through high school, college or trade school and beyond. Learning is a lifelong process that extends beyond the classroom. Our target market is the home.
The home is where learning begins.

Question: How important is it for one to find one’s purpose in life?


We can live a lifetime and never discover this or understand this concept. But through our training system, your children will have the opportunity to define this life enhancing realty early in their lives.
Discovering this will give them a whole new perspective on education. The School To Success Training System focuses on education that’s far-reaching. We bring it wherever you are.
By combining the fantastic power of contemporary technology with tried-and-true teaching methods, we provide our students real opportunities.

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Career Guidance at Home

Career guidance education/training for 10,000 families with teens ages 12-19.


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An Annual Subscription with "FREE" Book Give-Away for the School To Success At-Home Career Guidance Education and Training Program for the Family.



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Sponsoring a family in our At-Home School To Success Academy Center Online with the Holistic School To Success Career Guidance Total Education Collaboration Network is an education investment for the family.


What Do You Get?

School To Success Training System

The School To Success Training System McCutcheon Research Global has created and designed a training system to help parents, counselors, schools, and organizations with the care-giver's task. Erik Erikson defined the care-giver's mission as that of assisting 12-18-year-olds in developing independence from their parents and resolving confusion about roles and occupation, to prepare them for a successful life after high school.

Global Vision
  • A world where people are living their dreams, serving others, and making the world better!
  • Provide services that ensure school success for every member of the family!
  • School-To-Success centers for life and career guidance at churches and organizations

Immediate Goal
To help adults, students, families get the most educational benefits from their education and experiences.

Long-Range Goal
To bridge the education gap between generations! (Psalm 78)

Ultimate Goal
Communities where people are living their dreams, serving others, and making the communities better.


Who is Moses McCutcheon?

Moses McCutcheon, Jr., Ed.D. is one of the most innovative minds in education today. He uses innovative techniques to achieve the right education results.

Moses is the author of “School To Success,” a community and career development holistic, total education life and career guidance training system tool designed for sustainment of the School-to work/school-to-career training platforms with the goal of blessing his family and other families in local and nationwide communities. His life purpose is to help other people find theirs.

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